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St Valery


A Short WW1 Short ghost story about a soldier left on the beach as he tells his story when he was in the War.


Director Biography - Kris Scott

Kris Scott was born in Irvine, Scotland. Once he turned sixteen he became very fond of the way films were made and wanted to know more. So followed numerous behind the scenes videos from different films making his imagination go wild with what he could do. He went to college and studied media which included Writing, Film Making, Journalism and Photography building upon the already growing love for the arts. He has also studied drama which eventually led to a massive confidence boost giving him the courage to attend auditions and as a result appeared as a student in 'Waterloo Road' and Tenant Shaun in 'Outlander'.

From 2017 onwards he'd focused more on doing work behind the camera as a director and writer which has led to this project 'Love, My Way in a Northern Town' an 80's film set in Scotland.

In 2014 he also formed AnyThink a small organisation which has grown to become a production company as of 2018. Based in Ayrshire and Glasgow but covers Scotland as a whole with a goal of covering the UK and eventually the world.

Still Photos

Genre: War

Release date:  1st January 2021

Run Tme: 3 minutes


Robin De Vernon Ryding as St Valery

Ross Menzies as St Valery (Voice)


Directed by Kris Scott

Written by Dennis Connelly

Producer by Mary Connelly

Supervising Producer by Robin De Vernon Ryding

Composer (Original Music) by Dennis Connelly

Composer (End Credits) by Peter Sandberg

Editor by Robin De Vernon Ryding.

Screenings and Awards

  • London Director Awards

    United Kingdom
    January 30, 2021

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