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Liberating Love

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A historian named Patrick discovered an old untold love letter. Tracking down the grave. Patrick reads out the letter to whom it letter was for setting the spirit free and liberating their love.


Director Biography - Robin De Vernon Ryding

Robin is a Scottish filmmaker specialized in producing, writing, cinematography and directing. In early 2019 Robin adapted and directed a short film called 'A Night to Die For' with next to no budget. In 2019 he graduated from City of Glasgow College with an HND in TV.


Later in 2020 Robin Produced a short film, The Girl and The Red Dress (2021) In September 2020 he graduated from SAE institute with his BA Hons Degree in Film production and his production company, Fulfilment Pictures Ltd. Early 2021 Robin wrote, Directed, Producer, Edited and was the Cinematographer for 'Liberating Love' The film has won 5 awards including Best Mirco Short Film and Best Director award at the Port Blair International Film Festival.


Since November 2019 Robin has been working on his Tv series 'Miss Walker' being the Showrunner as well as a writer, Director, Producer and Director of Photography. In 2021 he has been developing and filming the 'Miss Walker Concept' to hopefully use that to pitch to networks and hopefully commission the show to be created in Scotland.

Director Statement

Liberating Love was an experimental production to test out my ability with new equipment. The Production process was a total of 1 week which seems really short.

Late November I had a conversation with Kris Scott the lead. Both of us being filmmakers we really wanted to create a simple story before Christmas. I had just recently binged watched all of Outlander and this simple but beautiful story formed in one night.

I was so energised by this story by the next night I was already creating a shot list.

To finalise. I am so please with the small team creating this small idea to become what it is today and also actress, Rebekah Copeland's first production as a crew member and I was beyond impressed with her as the role as a Production Assistant.

Still Photos

Genre: Drama/Romance

Release date:  14th February 2021

Run Tme: 5 minutes


Kris Scott as Historian Patrick

Maddy Bryce as Maggie

Robin De Vernon Ryding as Ghost of James


Directed/Produced/Writen/DOP/Edited by

Robin De Vernon Ryding.

Production Assistant by Rebekah Copeland.

Screenings and Awards

  • Port Blair International Film Festival

    Port Blair
    January 18, 2021
    India Premiere
    Winner / Best Micro Short Film

  • Port Blair International Film Festival

    Port Blair
    January 18, 2021
    India Premiere
    Winner / Best Director for Micro Short Film

  • Screen Power Film Festival

    United Kingdom
    February 7, 2021
    Winner / Best Historical Film

  • London International Monthly Film Festival

    United Kingdom
    February 5, 2021
    London Premiere
    Honorable Mention

  • One-Reeler Short Film Competition

    Los Angeles
    United States
    January 23, 2021
    Los Angeles Premiere
    Honorable Mention

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