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Fulfilment Pictures is an award-winning production company, founded in 2020 to produce TV drama and films for screen. The production company was founded by Robin De Vernon Ryding and has co-directors Lauren Wade and Christopher McPhillips.

The company is primarily based at FilmCity in Glasgow, Scotland however, also works worldwide. As we are a small indie production company our aim is to create cutting-edge Film & TV productions that brings fulfilment to peoples' stories, journeys, and dreams.

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Founder, Director, Producer & Writer

Robin, a dynamic director, producer, and writer, specializes in crafting Hard-Hitting Dramas and Horror films. With a rising presence in the industry, Robin has collaborated with esteemed Film and TV production companies, including BBC, STV, ChalkboardTV/CBBC, STARZ, and more. A graduate of the City of Glasgow College and SAE Institute, Robin further honed their skills through courses with NFTS, Raindance, and ScreenSkills.

Holding a BA Hons degree in Digital Film Production, Robin founded the successful Film & TV production compan
y 'Fulfilment Pictures' in 2020. Their work has garnered acclaim and multiple awards at international festivals, notably for projects like "Imposter Syndrome," "Miss Walker TV Concept," and "Learning Magic."

Looking ahead, Robin is gearing up for the production of 'Fatherhood,' a hard-hitting short film drama scheduled to commence in early 2024. Additionally, there's an untitled horror project on the horizon, showcasing Robin's darker side to his work and pushing creative boundaries as he dives into a psychological narrative.

Robin's creative journey extends beyond accolades, having been nominated alongside prestigious projects like "The Crown" at the Septimius Awards in Amsterdam. Passionate about storytelling, Robin continues to explore compelling narratives, ensuring a promising future in the world of film and television.

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Lauren Wade

Company Director, Producer, Actor & Writer

Lauren Wade is a Company Director and Creative Producer of Fulfilment Pictures. Lauren is an award winning Producer, Actor and Writer with over 10 years of experience in the film and Tv industry. Lauren has 3 feature films and a multitude short films under her belt. Lauren is progressing her career in script writing coming on board as a co-writer for “Fatherhood” with Robin. Lauren uses her background in psychology bringing an unique perspective and technique to her work. Her strong working relationship with director Robin, developed through collaborations on projects like “Miss Walker TV Concept”, “Flux”, “Influx”, and “Becoming”. 

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Christopher McPhillips

Company Director, Producer & Actor


Christopher McPhillips is a Company Director of Fulfilment Pictures. Christopher is one of our produers for our Tv concept 'Miss Walker'.

He brings over a decade of marketing consultancy expertise and a 15-year film and TV industry background to his role as an aspiring Film and TV Producer. Graduating from QMU's Film & Media Honours course in 2024 solidified his passion and conviction in choosing this career path.


Christopher's professional journey boasts multiple awards for marketing excellence, alongside the commendable achievement of his short film debut, 'The Proposal.' Grounded in a work ethic that values intuition and feasibility, he believes in the power of hard work and kindness, fostering a creative environment that thrives on collaboration. Christopher, a visionary at heart, has transformed his dream into reality by establishing the West Lothian Film Festival, celebrating its successful inaugural year in 2024.


Positioned as a sought-after collaborator for filmmakers and film project investors, Christopher, along with the Fulfilment Pictures Team, is dedicated to bringing creative visions to life. His overarching philosophy is encapsulated in the mantra, "Don't give me perfection or excuses; just give me your best. I'll give you mine," emphasising a fearless approach to creativity and a commitment to continuous growth and inspiration.

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