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Learning Magic

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Katie a young girl fascinated about learning magic wants to learn from an tiktok influencer/magician's book named Robin Magnifico. However her family can't afford the book and Katies family then need to find themselves by the power of magic and put on their own show full of tricks.

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The 48 Hour Film Project Filmapalooza 2024

WINNER - Best Supporting Actor - Kayla Caldwell

48 Hour Film Project Edinburgh 2023

WINNER - Best Actor - Stepher Kerr

WINNER - Best Director - Neil Boyle

WINNER - Judges Special Mention For Acting - Kayla Caldwell

WINNER - Best Film

Nominne - Best Costume

Nominne - Production Design

Nominne - Best Music

Nominne - Best Writer - Neil Boyle

Nominne - Best Cinematography

Nominne - Best Actress - Kirsty Strain

Genre: Drama

Release date:  28th June 2023

Run Time: 7:27 minutes


Kayla Caldwell as Katie

Kirsty Strain as Faye

Stephen Kerr as Scott

Eric J. Liddle


Writer and Director

Neil Boyle



Robin De Vernon Ryding

Assistant Director

Kenny McLay

Director of Photography

Kasparas Vidunas

Still Photographer

Robin De Vernon Ryding


Eric J. Liddle


Karen Caldwell


Eric J. Liddle


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