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MISS WALKER is a TV Concept which is prior to the series pilot. Miss Walker establishes our characters, tone, style and our world. We would love to be able to make this about characters faced with the difficulties in the creative industries. As this show will be female lead it will touch upon the me too movement. However, there is a potential to have a lot of great aspects to the show having it set in central Scotland. The scenery is amazing and there is a lot of potential to tell stories that haven't been told before.



Directors Statement

Miss Walker, a project that fills me with immense pride and excitement. Through this series, I have endeavoured to create a compelling and emotionally resonant journey for our characters, showcasing their initial steps towards self-discovery. With a carefully chosen tone, style, and music, “Miss Walker” captures the essence of their transformative journeys, bringing the audience closer to their experiences.

One of the pivotal elements in shaping this project was the deliberate choice of tone and style. I wanted to establish a sense of the characters' journey just beginning, emphasising their vulnerability and the unknown path that lies ahead. By immersing the audience in this atmosphere, we invite them to accompany Lauren, Jessica, and Emily on their quest for self-realisation. Through moments of triumph, setbacks, and personal growth, viewers will witness the resilience of these characters and find inspiration in their pursuit of dreams.

Music plays a crucial role in highlighting the unique essence of each character. By carefully selecting and incorporating music that aligns with their individual styles, we create a deeper connection between the audience and our protagonists. The soundtrack will encompass a diverse range of genres, reflecting the multifaceted nature of their journeys and amplifying the emotional impact of their experiences. Music will serve as a powerful storytelling tool, further immersing the audience in the world of "Caledonia Dreamin'" and enhancing the emotional resonance of the series.

At the heart of this project is the notion of community and collaboration. "Caledonia Dreamin'" is not only a story about individual aspirations but also shows the struggles of the film industry and how some things are overseen. The characters' paths intertwine, forming a network of support and inspiration. By highlighting the power of shared experiences and the bonds that form within the film and TV industry, we aim to evoke a sense of unity and empowerment.

Through the lens of these somewhat lost characters, my vision for "Miss Walker" was to create an emotional connection between the audience and the story. I want viewers to feel invested in the journeys of Lauren, Jessica, and Emily, rooting for them as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of the industry. By establishing this connection, we hope to ignite a desire within the audience to witness more of their stories, fostering a deep sense of engagement and investment.

As the concept unfolds, "Miss Walker" will establish itself as a compelling TV story, leaving audiences yearning for more. The culmination of the concept, titled "Miss Walker," will serve as a testament to the characters' growth and transformation, solidifying their place within the city of Glasgow and leaving viewers eager to witness their future endeavours.

It is my hope that through "Miss Walker," viewers will not only be entertained but also experience a profound emotional connection with the characters. The success of this connection would serve as a clear indicator that we have achieved our goal of establishing a captivating TV show that resonates deeply with audiences. With unwavering passion and dedication, I am committed to bringing this project to life and immersing viewers in the world of "Caledonia Dreamin'.

Meet the Cast


Annabel McCusker

as Lauren Walker

A7_06901 - Copy.jpg

Vivien Taylor

as Jessica Miller

Emily Alexander Edited.jpg

Lauren Wade

as Emily Alexander

Copy of MissWalker_27.04.21_0092.jpg

John McQuiston

as John MacKenzie


Freya Anderson

as Sophie Morrison

Copy of MISSWALKER_11.05.2021_2160.jpg

Alice Gold

as Amy Shaw


Robert Carr

as James Day

A9_04104_6000 x 4000px.jpg

Tony McDonald

as Terry Doyle

Meet the Team

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