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MISS WALKER is a TV Concept about three Glasgow-based female actors experiencing the highs and lows of trying to “make it” in the Film/TV industry.

It will bring audiences a visually striking, socially relevant drama that is strongly based on the experiences of many of our female colleagues and friends in the Film/TV industry. It follows their slow progression from outsiders to established actors over the course of three seasons.


Miss Walker is a feel-good Scottish dramedy series; following the lives of Lauren, Jessica, and Emily as they try to work in the performing arts and seek to make a fresh start of life.

Lauren is a homely, sweet, and naive young woman who moves from the quiet town of Dalmally to the bustling city of Glasgow for Drama School. When she realises that the school may be hindering her progress, Lauren searches for other ways to make it in the industry; including networking events. Through these events, and some very good luck, Lauren meets some incredible artists, stands up to a bully, and ends up auditioning for one of the most exciting Scottish projects in decades.

Also auditioning for the film is Emily. Emily was brought up in an aristocratic society but never felt like she belonged. She escapes that life, and her toxic family, to stay with her estranged artist cousin, Amy. Now Emily is free of her family’s ties, she tries her luck at becoming an actress, but her impulsiveness and recklessness lead to her getting into compromising positions and putting herself in harm's way. Luckily, she is able to escape from these situations and make it to the audition for the fabulous new project - even if the threat of her toxic family reappearing is ever present.

When auditioning for the project (which is labelled the ‘Braveheart’ of the 2020s), Emily and Lauren fight it out for the leading female role in the production - only for the lead to go to a celebrity who doesn’t act and can’t do a Scottish accent to save her life! Emily and Lauren are demoted to supporting roles - but at least they are speaking parts.

Meanwhile, Jessica works as a theatre actress, suffering at the hands of her emotionally abusive boyfriend/Manager, James. She is over-worked to the point of exhaustion, finally hits breaking point and leaves him for good. Jessica finds shelter in a friendly stranger, Lauren, and some companionship in a kind and well-meaning fan, Colin. Whilst Jessica is trying to remove James’s grips on her life, she has to deal with having her bank accounts emptied, threats of nude pictures being leaked and having no friends or family that she feels she can turn to because of James’s controlling nature. Colin eventually persuades Jessica to return to her family home, leading to a touching reunion between her and her father.

Throughout Series 2, the audience discovers that Jessica’s father is a famous director who has long retired from the limelight to teach drama to kids in Arran. This allows Jessica to go back to her roots and remind her of why she became an actor in the first place. She becomes re-inspired by watching, listening, and helping her father.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Emily slowly bond as the production of the “dream project” faces serious difficulties.


What happens when the concept has been complete?

Miss Walker will be taken on to pitch a potential 8-episode series. We have written the first three episodes and are currently working around our free time to develop our show bible. When pitching a Tv series without an established name in the industry, there can be a lot of fees to pay just to get in front of the right people to listen to your idea. We will be pitching to some agents, producers or series developers and getting scripts proofread by some of the biggest producers in this industry with the help from Raindance.

Not only will we be pitching, but having a fund allows us to host events and screen our concept to a larger audience.

Meet the Cast


Annabel McCusker

as Lauren Walker

A7_06901 - Copy.jpg

Vivien Taylor

as Jessica Miller

Emily Alexander Edited.jpg

Lauren Wade

as Emily Alexander

Copy of MissWalker_27.04.21_0092.jpg

John McQuiston

as John MacKenzie


Freya Anderson

as Sophie Morrison

Copy of MISSWALKER_11.05.2021_2160.jpg

Alice Gold

as Amy Shaw


Robert Carr

as James Day

A9_04104_6000 x 4000px.jpg

Tony McDonald

as Terry Doyle

Meet the Team

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