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The FP Arts Short Film Festival Strives to connect with the film and Arts community. Locating its festival in the heart of East Kilbride making it the first Film Festival in East Kilbride.


The FP Arts Short Film Festival is a monthly and annual event hosted by Fulfilment Pictures. Our goal is to establish East Kilbride as a film hub. This pioneering festival, the first of its kind in East Kilbride, invites global film submissions for monthly screenings at the Arts Centre, leading to an annual ceremony at the Village Theatre with networking, panel discussions, awards, live performance and many more opportunities. The festival seeks to unite the local and international film community, fostering creative opportunities and jobs while offering a mutually beneficial partnership opportunity for South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture.


Our festival places a significant emphasis on its international scope, actively encouraging inclusivity and discovery of new independent talent. We are dedicated to supporting visionary films, bringing together diverse elements of filmmaking and storytelling, making it a truly global platform for creativity and talent.

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