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Miss Walker TV Concept

MISS WALKER is a TV Concept about three Glasgow-based female actors experiencing the highs and lows of trying to “make it” in the Film/TV industry.


The Better World Short Film

Pascal lives in a dark world, his only respite the recurring visions he has - of a world with star-kissing towers, teeming with colour and life. Pascal is determined to find his way to this 'Better World' before he too loses all hope.

Amazon Prime The Girl and the Red Dress 3.4.png

The Girl and The Red Dress Short Film

A socially inept, adolescent writer endeavouring to create his best story to date. His source of inspiration eventually comes from a rebellious, unsuspecting schoolgirl smoking in the local park. He develops an infatuation for the girl, causing him to romantically fantasise about their life together. He gathers his thoughts in a scruffy notebook and decides to confront her as he truly begins to lose his grip on reality.


St Valery Micro Short Film

A young soldier, killed in a sudden blast from a German Panzer tank, unaware what's happened to him. His spirit has ran with the living while his division has had to surrender. Stuck in the past, his spirit has came home to his memories of happier times.

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Liberating Love Micro Short Film

A historian named Patrick discovered an old untold love letter. Tracking down the grave. Patrick reads out the letter to whom it letter was for setting the spirit free and liberating their love.

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