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Character Details:

Playing Age: 18 - 25

Gender: Male

We Encorage All Ethnicities To Apply!

All roles within this production will be paid. Please note that accommodation expenses will not be included in the pay. However, travel expenses can be discussed and negotiated under each individual's circumstances.

Role in the Story: Matthew, is laid-back and easy going, He supports Lee as his colleague in his workplace.

Key Traits:

  • Passive Attitude: Matthew approaches life with a laid-back demeanor, seldom allowing stress to infiltrate his cool exterior.

  • Kind at Heart: Beneath his nonchalant surface, Matthew possesses a genuine kindness that manifests in unexpected and endearing ways.

  • Immature but Well-Meaning: Despite his lackadaisical approach, Matthew's intentions are inherently good, reflecting an innocence that contrasts with the challenges surrounding him.


  • Job as a Means to an End: For Matthew, the job is a practical means of income rather than a passionate pursuit, and this pragmatic outlook influences his approach to duties.

  • Slow to React: Whether responding to responsibilities or life's curveballs, Matthew tends to take his time, navigating situations at his own unhurried pace.

  • Unobservant: Details might escape Matthew's notice, contributing to a comedic obliviousness that adds a touch of humor to his character.

Audition Details

We are looking for Actors to send us a self-tape of you performing a scene/monologue that:


● Showcases your strengths as a performer

● Is from material that you believe would fit well with the character you are auditioning for.

● Gives us an idea of your vibe & persona


It can be from a play, film or TV show. All that matters to us, is that it gives us fantastic insight into who you are as a performer.

When recording your audition please say the following:

  • Your name

  • Your Age

  • Project you are auditioning for

  • The Character you are auditioning for

  • Where you are based

Once complete, please send us your audition tape by emailing us at:


Short Film Schedule

We aim to inform you by the week beginning 11th March if you have moved on to the next stage of casting.

Once the role has been casted we will arrange rehearsals to prepare filming over the course of 4 - 6 Days in July - September 2024 IN SCOTLAND.


Our aim is to have a final cut of ‘Fatherhood’ by January 2025. With this in mind we will then enter ‘Fatherhood’ into carefully selected festivals we believe are suitable.


The majority of the festivals are BAFTA Qualifying and/or with a strong emphasis on discovering and encouraging new independent talent, supporting visionary films and bringing together all elements of film-making and storytelling.

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