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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A lot has happened since we last posted to this blog:

* MISS WALKER has been updated hugely - we raised £4k through Indiegogo and are 80% of the way through filming our TV concept, forging many strong partnerships both commercial and creative. We have pitched the projects to seasoned industry members and managed to secure an associate producers for the series!

* Our short films LIBERATING LOVE, THE BETTER WORLD & ST VALERY have been nominated for a combined **TWENTY-FOUR awards** and counting, winning six!

* Fulfilment Pictures celebrated its 1st birthday!

* Our social growth has been significant, with the Facebook page doubling in activity several times & nearing 1k followers!

* We have several more short films & a feature in the development stage!

We have neglected the website during that time simply because we've had many fish to fry but we're currently renovating & tweaking things on here to be much more representative of where we're at in July 2021. As you now know that much has changed over the last eight months since we've really focused on the site so we're now paying it more attention.

We thank you for following our work as far as you have and hope that you'll continue following us in the future.

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