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Health and Safety Policy for Fulfilment Pictures

This document outlines our commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all
employees, contractors, and visitors. As a film production company, we recognise the unique challenges
associated with on-location filming and are dedicated to preventing accidents, injuries, and work-related
illnesses through the effective management of health and safety

Our policy is a comprehensive guide that establishes the responsibilities of both management and employees
in ensuring a safe workplace. From risk assessments and training programs to communication strategies and
emergency procedures, each aspect of this policy is designed to contribute to the well-being of our workforce.

We encourage all employees and contractors to familiarize themselves with this policy, actively participate in
its implementation, and play a vital role in creating a secure working environment. Together, we are
committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that our health and safety practices evolve to meet the
dynamic nature of our industry.

1. Statement of Intent

At Fulfilment Pictures, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all
employees, contractors, and visitors. We recognise our duty to protect the health and safety of all
individuals affected by our activities, including during the production of films and related activities. Our
aim is to prevent accidents, injuries, and work-related illnesses through the effective management of
health and safety risks.

2. Responsibilities

Management: Fulfilment Pictures management is responsible for establishing and maintaining a safe
working environment, providing adequate resources for health and safety, and ensuring that all employees
are aware of and adhere to health and safety policies and procedures.
Employees: All employees are responsible for following health and safety procedures, reporting hazards,
and actively contributing to maintaining a safe workplace.

3. Risk Assessment

Fulfilment Pictures will conduct regular risk assessments to identify and evaluate potential hazards in the
workplace, including on-location filming sites. These assessments will be used to implement control
measures to minimise risks and ensure the safety of our workforce.

4. Training and Competence

We will provide appropriate health and safety training to all employees and contractors to ensure they are
competent to carry out their roles safely. This includes training on emergency procedures, equipment
operation, and specific hazards related to our industry.

5. Communication and Consultation

We will maintain open lines of communication with employees and contractors regarding health and
safety matters. Employees will be encouraged to
report hazards, near misses, and health and safety
concerns, and their input will be considered in decision-making processes.

6. Emergency Procedures

Fulfilment Pictures will establish and communicate clear procedures for responding to emergencies,
including fires, medical incidents, and ot
her potential crises. Employees will be trained on these
procedures, and emergency equipment will be
maintained and accessible.

7. Workplace Health and Safety

We are committed to maintaining a clean, organised, and safe workplace. This includes regular
inspections, housekeeping measures, and the
provision of appropriate personal protective equipment
(PPE) where necessary.

8. Compliance with Legislation and Standards

Fulfilment Pictures will comply with all relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice, and
industry standards. We will regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance.

9. Continuous Improvement

We will continually review and improve our health and safety performance through regular monitoring,
incident investigation, and feedback from employees and contractors. This Health and Safety Policy will be
communicated to all employees and contractors, and it will be displayed prominently in our workplace. It
will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in legislation, work activities, and organizational

10. Incident Reporting and Investigation

All incidents, accidents, and near misses must be promptly reported to the designated health and safety
officer. A thorough investigation will be cond
ucted to determine the root causes, and corrective actions
will be implemented to prevent recurrence.

11. Health and Safety Representatives

Health and safety representatives will be appointed to liaise between employees and management. They
will actively participate in health and safety discussions, inspections, and provide valuable input into the
decision-making process.

12. Well-being Programs

Fulfilment Pictures will promote employee well-being through initiatives such as stress management
programs, ergonomic assessments, and mental health support services.


This policy will be regularly reviewed, updated, and communicated to all stakeholders. We appreciate your
cooperation in upholding the highest standards of health and safety at Fulfilment Pictures.

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