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Environmental Policy for Fulfilment Pictures

This document reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and outlines our proactive approach to
minimising the ecological footprint of our film productions and related activities. As a responsible and
environmentally aware company, we recognise the urgency of integrating sustainable practices into our
operations to preserve natural resources and contribute positively to the environment.

Our Environmental Policy encompasses a comprehensive framework, from legal compliance and resource
efficiency to pollution prevention and sustainable practices. It is our collective responsibility to consider the
environmental impact of our actions, and this policy serves as a guide for every member of the Fulfilment
Pictures team.

Through continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement, and a commitment to training, we aim to foster
a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility. We encourage all employees and contractors to
actively participate in the implementation of this policy, as we work together to make a meaningful impact on
the sustainability of our industry.

Thank you for your dedication to Fulfilment Pictures' Environmental Policy. Let us join hands in creating a
greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

1. Commitment

Fulfilment Pictures is dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our film production and related
activities. Recognising the paramount importance of sustainable practices and the preservation of natural
resources, our commitment is to integrate environmental considerations seamlessly into our decision-
making processes and daily operations.

2. Legal Compliance

We pledge to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and other requirements
applicable to our industry. This encompasses a comprehensive approach to waste management, energy
conservation, and emissions reduction, ensuring that we go above and beyond the minimum standards set
by regulatory bodies.

3. Resource Efficiency

Striving for efficiency, we are committed to the judicious use of resources and the minimisation of waste
across all facets of our operations. This commitment includes initiatives to reduce energy consumption,
conserve water, and implement practices that significantly curtail material waste.

4. Pollution Prevention

Fulfilment Pictures is resolute in its commitment to preventing pollution in all its forms. We will implement
rigorous measures to minimise air, water, and soil pollution resulting from our activities. This includes the
responsible handling and disposal of hazardous materials to prevent adverse effects on the environment.

5. Sustainable Practices

We will actively seek opportunities to incorporate sustainable practices into our operations. This involves
harnessing renewable energy sources, reducing the use of single-use plastics, and fostering a culture of
recycling and material reuse on set. By adopting sustainable practices, we aim to contribute positively to
the environment and inspire industry-wide change.

6. Location Considerations

When selecting filming locations, we will diligently consider the environmental impact of our activities. Our
goal is to minimise disruption to natural habitats and local ecosystems. We commit to leaving locations in
the same or better condition than we found them, preserving their integrity for future generations.

7. Stakeholder Engagement

Fulfilment Pictures recognises the importance of engaging with our stakeholders – employees, suppliers,
and local communities. We will actively raise awareness of environmental issues and promote responsible
practices. Through open dialogue and collaboration, we aim to identify opportunities for improvement and
collectively contribute to environmental stewardship.

8. Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to environmental responsibility includes an ongoing dedication to improvement. We will
continuously monitor our environmental performance, regularly review our practices, and adopt new
technologies and techniques that reduce our environmental footprint. This commitment extends to
exploring innovative solutions that align with evolving sustainability standards.

9. Communication and Training

Fulfilment Pictures will ensure that our environmental policy and objectives are communicated to all
employees and contractors. We will provide comprehensive training on environmentally responsible
practices relevant to their roles, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility
throughout our organisation.

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