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Professional Engagement Policy for Fulfilment Pictures

At Fulfilment Pictures, we are driven by a commitment to cultivating a workplace where professionalism,
respect, and creativity flourish. This comprehensive policy serves as a guide for all employees and contractors,
outlining the standards of conduct and behaviour essential to
maintaining the integrity and success of our
collaborative endeavours.

From in-person interactions to the digital landscape, Fulfilment Pictures values a culture of transparency,
respect, and adherence to the highest ethical standards. This document not only emphasises the expected
behaviours but also introduces new sections addressing critical aspects such as the protection of intellectual
property, conflict of interest, and our commitment to sustainability.

As we navigate the dynamic and creative world of film production, this policy reflects our collective
responsibility to uphold the reputation of Fulfilment Pictures and ensure a working environment that fosters
innovation, inclusivity, and excellence. We encourage every member of our team to familiarise themselves
with this policy and actively contribute to the positive and professional culture we strive to maintain.

Thank you for your dedication to the principles outlined in this Professional Engagement Policy. Together, we
create an environment where creativity thrives, relationships flourish, and Fulfilment Pictures continues to be
a positive place to work.

1. Introduction

Fulfilment Pictures is dedicated to fostering a professional and respectful working environment, both in
person and online. This policy outlines the standards of behaviour and conduct that employees and
contractors are expected to adhere to in their interactions with colleagues, clients, and the public.

2. Respectful Behaviour

All employees and contractors are expected to treat others with respect, courtesy, and professionalism at
all times. Discriminatory, harassing, or disrespectful behaviour, whether in person or online, will not be

2.1. In-Person Behaviour

When engaging in in-person interactions, employees and contractors are expected to conduct
themselves in a professional manner, showing consideration for others and upholding the
values and reputation.

2.2. Online Behaviour

When engaging in online interactions, including but not limited to email, social media, and other digital
platforms, employees and contractors are expected to represent Fulfilment Pictures in a professional
and positive manner. This includes refraining from engaging in online behaviour that could reflect
negatively on the company or its stakeholders.

3. Communication

All communication, whether in person or online, should be conducted in a clear, respectful, and
professional manner. Employees and contractors should use appropriate language and tone in all forms of

4. Confidentiality and Privacy

Employees and contractors are expected to respect the confidentiality of company information, client
information, and personal information of colleagues. They should also be mindful of privacy considerations
when engaging in online activities.

5. Compliance with Policies and Laws

All employees and contractors are expected to comply with company policies, as well as local, national,
and international laws and regulations, in their professional engagements, both in person and online.

6. Sharing of Intellectual Property

6.1. Scripts and Plot Lines: Employees and contractors must not share scripts, plot lines, or any other
intellectual property related to Fulfilment Pictures productions without explicit permission.
Unauthorised sharing poses significant risks to the company creative assets.

6.2. Filming Locations: The disclosure of confidential information regarding filming locations, including
specifics about set designs and sec
urity measures, is strictly prohibited without proper authorization.

6.3. Other Actors and Visitors on Set: Confidential information about other actors, crew members, or
visitors on set should not be shared without their consent and should be treated with the same level of
confidentiality as any other sensitive information.

7. Conflict of Interest

All employees and contractors should disclose and manage any personal interests that may conflict with
the interests of Fulfilment Pictures. Transparency is crucial in maintaining integrity.

8. Use of Company Resources

Clearly define the appropriate use of company resources, including equipment, facilities, and time.
Emphasise responsible use of technology and communication tools for work-related purposes.

9. Health and Safety on Set

Provide guidelines for maintaining health and safety standards during film productions, both on-location
and in-studio settings. Specify the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when required.

10. Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying

Reinforce the commitment to preventing and addressing any form of harassment or bullying, both in
person and online. Provide clear reporting procedures for such incidents.

11. Quality of Work

Set expectations regarding the quality of work and professionalism in the execution of tasks. Encourage a
collaborative and supportive work environment that values creativity and excellence.

12. Sustainability Practices

If applicable, include guidelines on promoting sustainability practices in film production, such as waste
reduction, energy conservation, and eco-friendly choices.

13. Community Engagement

Highlight Fulfilment Pictures commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. Encourage
employees and contractors to participate in community initiatives and outreach programs.

14. Remote Work Policies

If applicable, outline policies and expectations for remote work, including communication protocols, work
hours, and data security measures.

15. Crisis Management and Emergency Procedures

Clearly communicate procedures for handling emergencies or crises, whether they are related to health
and safety, security, or other unforeseen events.

16. Performance Evaluation and Feedback

Outline the company approach to performance evaluations and feedback mechanisms. Emphasise the
importance of constructive feedback and continuous improvement.

17. Reporting and Resolution

Employees and contractors who experience or witness behaviour that violates this policy, including
unauthorised sharing of intellectual property, are encouraged to report it to their supervisor, HR, or other
designated individual. All reports will be taken seriously and handled in a confidential and timely manner.

18. Consequences of Violation

Violations of this policy, including unauthorised sharing of intellectual property, may result in disciplinary
action, ranging from counselling and retraining to more severe measures, including termination of
employment, contract, or involvement.

19. Training and Awareness

Fulfilment Pictures will provide training and awareness programs to ensure that all employees and
contractors are aware of the standards of behaviour outlined in this policy, including the protection of
intellectual property.

This Professional Engagement Policy will be communicated to all employees and contractors, and it will be
prominently displayed in our workplace. It will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in
work activities, organizational structure, and best practices.

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