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Child Protection Policy for Fulfilment Pictures

At Fulfilment Pictures, we recognise the profound responsibility we hold in ensuring the safety and well-being
of every child and young person involved in our productions or pre
sent at filming locations. This policy
embodies our firm commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children, reflecting our dedication to upholding
the highest standards of child protection.

As storytellers and creators, we believe in fostering an environment where every child is treated with care,
respect, and dignity. This policy outlines the legal framework, responsibilities, risk assessments, and best
practices that guide our approach to child protection.

We urge every member of the Fulfilment Pictures team, from management to employees and contractors, to
familiarise themselves with this policy. Together, we play a crucial role in creating a safe and secure space for
the children who contribute to our creative endeavours.

Thank you for joining us in championing child protection at Fulfilment Pictures.

1. Introduction

Fulfilment Pictures holds an unwavering commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for all
children involved in our productions or present at filming locations. This policy is a cornerstone of our
dedication to safeguarding the welfare of children, outlining the principles and best practices that guide
our approach to child protection.

2. Legal Framework

Our commitment to child protection extends to compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. We
pledge to adhere to child labour laws, working time regulations, and all legal provisions associated with the
employment of minors in the entertainment industry. This ensures that our practices are in line with the
highest standards of child welfare.

3. Responsibilities


  • Management: Fulfilment Pictures management is charged with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining robust child protection measures. This includes ensuring that all employees and contractors are not only aware of but also actively adhere to the Child Protection Policy.

  • Employees: Every employee and contractor bears a responsibility to report any concerns about the welfare of children. It is incumbent upon them to follow the procedures outlined in this policy, acting as vigilant guardians of the well-being of children involved in our productions.

4. Risk Assessment

Conducting thorough risk assessments is integral to our commitment. We will identify potential risks to the
welfare of children in the context of o
ur productions and implement stringent control measures to
mitigate these risks effectively.

5. Working with Children

When working with children, we pledge to ensure that appropriate supervision is in place. All individuals
involved in the production, including employees and contractors, will be well-informed of their
responsibilities in safeguarding the welfare of children, fostering an environment of trust and security.

6. Consent and Privacy

We are dedicated to securing appropriate consent from parents or legal guardians for the participation of
children in our productions. Respecting the privacy and dignity of every child involved is paramount, and
we commit to upholding these principles throughout our filmmaking process.

7. Training and Awareness

To fortify our child protection measures, we will provide comprehensive training to all employees and
contractors who may come into contact with children. This training aims to heighten awareness of the
signs of abuse or neglect, ensuring that our team is well-equipped to fulfil their responsibilities in
protecting children.

8. Reporting and Resolution

Fulfilment Pictures will establish clear and accessible procedures for reporting concerns about the welfare
of children. Every report will be treated with utmost seriousness, handled in a confidential and timely
manner to ensure the well-being of the children involved.

9. Communication

This Child Protection Policy will be widely communicated within Fulfilment Pictures. It will be prominently
displayed in our workplace, ensuring that every team member is familiar with its contents. Furthermore,
we will communicate our unwavering commitment to child protection to clients, industry partners, and
relevant stakeholders.

10. Monitoring and Review

Our dedication to child protection includes regular monitoring and review of our practices. This ongoing
process ensures effectiveness and identifies areas for improvement. Feedback from employees and
stakeholders will be actively sought and thoughtfully considered, facilitating continuous enhancement of
our efforts to uphold the welfare of children.

This Child Protection Policy will be made available to all employees and contractors, communicated to
relevant stakeholders, and will undergo regular reviews and updates to align with changes in legislation, work
activities, and organisational structure.

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