Liberating Love Poster.png
Liberating Love

Director/Producer/Writer/DOP/Editor : Robin De Vernon Ryding

Production Assistant : Rebekah Copeland

Genre: Drama/Romance

Starring: Kris Scott, Maddy Bryce and Robin De Vernon Ryding

Release date:  14th February 2021

Run Tme: 5 minutes


A historian named Patrick discovered an old untold love letter. Tracking down the grave. Patrick reads out the letter to whom it letter was for setting the spirit free and liberating their love.

Directors Statement

Liberating Love was an experimental production to test out my ability with new equipment. The Production process was a total of 1 week which seems really short.

Late November I had a conversation with Kris Scott the lead. Both of us being filmmakers we really wanted to create a simple story before Christmas. I had just recently binged watched all of Outlander and this simple but beautiful story formed in one night.

I was so energised by this story by the next night I was already creating a shot list.

To finalise. I am so please with the small team creating this small idea to become what it is today and also actress, Rebekah Copeland's first production as a crew member and I was beyond impressed with her as the role as a Production Assistant.

The Better World

Director/Writer/Editor: Euan Brown

Execitive Producer : Robin De Vernon Ryding

Genre: Experimental/Thiller/Horror


Callum Waddell - Pascal

Luther Lockhart - 1B

Luke Aquilina - Pascal (voice)

Ciaran Drysder - Samuel

Sean McLean - The Snatcher

Adam Greene - Intel

Robert Carr - Prime

Release date:  Coming Soon

Run Time: 21 Minutes 28 Seconds

Pascal lives in a dark world, his only respite the recurring visions he has - of a world with star-kissing towers, teeming with colour and life. Pascal is determined to find his way to this 'Better World' before he too loses all hope.

Directors Statement

You're often told as a beginner filmmaker to "keep things simple" - to "just shoot two guys talking in a room". With The Better World, it's safe to say I did the opposite of that.

I shot this back in 2018 over the course of a year to teach myself how to film. The core group assisting me with this project were my friends - who played several of the main characters without having ever acted before. Sometimes it was rough: it took five attempts (through a freezing Aberdeen winter) to film a midnight beach shoot, an actor dropped out two days before we were set to film several key scenes and my Canon 1300D's sh*tty batteries would lose charge after twenty minutes. In spite of all this, I'm extremely glad I did a weird, unconventional film instead of "just shoot two guys talking in a room".

Some of the camerawork is very flawed; as I said before, this was me teaching myself how to film before I really did any other projects so I was figuring things out as I went along. That being said, I feel like we nailed the immersion even if some of the technical aspects could be better. If The Better World is anything, it's atmospheric.

In 2019, I edited a version that I was deeply unhappy with (featuring Gregorian was I thinking?) so I deleted it and started again from scratch over lockdown in late 2020. Even with my increased knowledge of editing since the time of filming, it was challenging to outmaneuvre my amateur filming mistakes but I'm actually quite pleased with the results.


Director: Ryan O'Donnell

Producer:Robin De Vernon Ryding

Genre: Thriller

Postponed till 2021


Shaun MacArthur is a young, aspiring romance novelist with a burning desire to create an original narrative despite his lack of life experience. His unrealistic expectations to both impress his mother and revitalize her writing career begins when he finds his absent father's binoculars and goes to the local woodland area over-looking a swing park. By curious happenstance, he notices a rebellious school-girl, of a similar age, smoking a cigarette which inspires his initial idea for what he believes will be his masterpiece breakthrough novel. Shaun's obsession with perfection coupled with sleep deprivation and an unhealthy enthusiasm for stalking the aforementioned school-girl causes his psychological state to progressively deteriorate. To make matters worse and increasingly more intense, Shaun's mother, after years of sobriety, starts drinking again compromising their once fruitful relationship. A considerable amount of verbal abuse and torment ensues causing Shaun to lose his grip of reality. Unsure of how to finish his story, he confronts the school-girl that he has been secretly watching. Aided by the discovery of a red ballroom dance dress that he finds in his mother's wardrobe, Shaun writes what he believes to be the perfect ending for his story.

St Valery

Director: Kris Scott

Producer: Mary Connelly

Writter: Dennis Connelly

Genre: War

Starring: Robin De Vernon Ryding and Ross Menzies

Release date:  1st January 2021

Run Time: 3 minutes and 9 seconds

A young soldier, killed in a sudden blast from a German Panzer tank, unaware what's happened to him. His spirit has ran with the living while his division has had to surrender. Stuck in the past, his spirit has came home to his memories of happier times.

“Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our life time, we need to keep them alive.”

- Martin Scorsese